We are The Touchee Tales oy. A Finnish sextech startup whose MISSION is to make millions of Touchee’s happier. We’re creating MoreAndBetter APP to take our mission global.


Over 50% of people in relationships get less sex than they would want, at least with their partners. Relationships lack play. This is a major conflict.

Daily to do list prioritizes work, kids and homework before relationship and shoves sex to the bottom. That easily helps to forget all the reasons why you fell for your partner. You get sucked into the couples’ Game of Groans: I’m more tired than You! And you wonder if reading work email would serve as foreplay?


We have a SOLUTION. It’s not in the game, it’s in the play. You can get what you want only if you ask for it. MoreAndBetter is the future of sexting: set a sex date with your special person and stay intimately connected to your partner during the day. You will notice the difference in the ‘hallway meeting’ after work and have more and better sex in your relationship.

Everyone who wants to have more and better, can download the APP, invite his/her special person to join and get on with setting sex dates. That means more intimate communication, more sex and a better relationship for both. 

More comes from the studied fact: If you ask and invite your Special Person to Sex dates, and create a good habit of regularly talking about having sex, it’s more likely to get more sex.

Better comes from the studied fact: When you pay attention to your Special Person and play together, communication gets better, and thus sex gets better.

The Story of the Tender Ducks

In South Korea newly-wed couples get wooden ducks as a wedding present. With those ducks you can tell yes or no, every day: when the wedding ducks are set at the window nose-to-nose, it means ‘yes’. When the ducks turn their back to each other, it means ‘no’.

We want to give these playful ducks to you as a present. Here and now, you can try this out:

Take a picture of the ducks and send it to Your Special Person with a proposed time WHEN would you like to be nose-to-nose. Tell Your Special Person also HOW would You like to do it?

Let us know how it worked out 🙂

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