Tervetuloa mukaan SE – Seksipuhekirjan takahuoneeseen. Olemme Rosan kanssa kirjoittamassa kirjaa seksipuheesta eli seksuaalisesta kommunikaatiosta, joka siis on toki muutakin kuin puhetta. Julkaisimme keväällä 2017 NE – Kuukautiskirjan, joka on ensimmäinen suomenkielinen tietokirja kuukautisista. SE kirjassa aihe on laajempi. Nyt käsittelemme seksuaalisuutta ja sitä miten sen kukin kokee ja miten siitä kommunikoi. Ote on edelleen sama; tartumme aiheeseen suoraan ja huumorilla ja kirjasta tulee kauniin visuaalinen. Tämä haastattelusarja raottaa ovea kirjan kirjoituksen takahuoneeseen julkaisemalla muutaman täyspitkän haastattelun, joita olemme kirjaa varten tehneet.

Welcome to our back stage!

We’re writing a book about sexual communication, sex and sex talk, and in general about communication in an intimate relationship. Our new book, SE – Seksipuhekirja, will be published in the spring 2018. We have made interviews all around the world for the book and here we publish some of the amazing stories in full length. 

I’ve been following this lovely couple in Instagram for some years now, and their love, respect and companionship truly comes through the images, stories and videos they share. They are Claudine and Honza Lafond, the couple behind YogaBeyond. Now they also have this beautiful little pearl, Sofie Phoenix, with them now on their journey.

Here’s a little snippet of their love story for you. Go and follow YogaBeyond also on Instagram to hear and see more.

Claudine and Honza, you are an inspiration to thousands, not only in the yoga community but beyond. How did it all start, how did you find each other? Tell us your love story <3

Our love story began from opposite corners of the world. True to our life philosophy of ’following your bliss’, overcoming 10,000 miles apart simply meant another exciting adventure on our journey toward finding each other. We finally met in New York in 2007, and currently call Sydney, Australia our home away from home.

Claudine: “Honza and I physically met in NY though we had been introduced by godmother from 10,000 miles apart. I was running a yoga studio in Queens and Honza had a full time business as a personal trainer. When Sherri, my fairy godmother as I now call her, sent me an email saying that ‘if there were two people in this universe that had to at least meet, it was Honza and I, well I knew that I had to pay attention.” I wrote him a brief message about who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m headed and when he wrote back within hours sharing so much more of the same, I knew we were on to something.”

Honza: “After many personal journeys and self enquiry, I knew that I was ready to call in the love of my life. So when we began to communicate, I knew Claudine was the person with whom I was going to spend the rest of life. As we got to know each other more through email, photos and phone calls we realised that this love was written in the stars. A few months before we ever knew of each other, I had made a painting and finished faster than I ever had before. The image was of two figures, a man and a woman gazing at another woman with curly hair in the distance. I didn’t know what the painting was about at the time. I named in Cosmic Imagination and wrote my favorite quote from Albert Einstein on the back of the piece. ‘Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.’ As Claudine and I were talking, she told me about her meditation teacher in India giving her a sanskrit name, Kalpana, which means Cosmic Imagination. I bought a plane ticket to NY the next day to meet my woman in the painting, the love of my life.

Claudine: “After an incredible and surreal month in NY, Honza invited me to move back to Sydney with him. At the time, it felt like the next logical step. So six weeks after he left, I bought a one way ticket to Australia! This was almost ten years ago and it has been an amazing ride, that endures the waves with grace and fun!

How do you keep your relationship alive, vibrant, intimate and so beautiful?

We remain honest and open with each other. As soon as things come up, we address it and we also give each other space as needed. We try to stay light and always remember to come back to love.

You decided to share your story openly and genuinely via Instagram. You have shared intimate moments like when conceiving Sofie Phoenix. That’s very beautiful and brave. How does the world reply?   

Most of the feedback is positive. On occasion there are naysayers but we don’t give them much of our attention.

You said beautifully: ”All relationships require continuous work through truth, love and play.” How does this happen in your everyday life? Like, do you have some daily habits?

When we come back together after being away, we will stop what we’re doing and literally jump into each other’s arms. We do what we can to stay playful every day!

Yoga is close, intimate, and especially flying requires trust. Is there something we can learn from yoga, bring to our relationships?

Everything! The way you show up in partnership greatly reflects the way you show up for yourself and the relationship you have with your practice.

Has something changed in your relationship and communication now that you have Sofie Phoenix with you on your journey?

We are quicker to forgive, remembering that the little things don’t matter as much. We are more patient and always keep in mind that all we’re doing has a higher purpose – to serve our mini guru!

Can you share some tips how to keep the play in relationship?

Do Acro together!! 😀

Claudine and Honza, YogaBeyond


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